Roasting and Seasoning for any Nut or Seed

Hudson Valley Farms is proud to offer roasting and seasoning for any dried fruits, vegetables and nuts. Using the finest quality organic herbs and spices we create flavors that your customers will love.

Roasted Unsalted

Roasted to perfection.

Roasted with Salt

Your specify the saltiness.

Tamari Roast

Perfect for Asian Blends

Smoked Roast

Just a hint to ultra smokey

Hot & Spicy Roast

Mild, Medium, Spicy, Extra Spicy

Sugar & Cinnamon

A perfect mix of sweet and spice

Honey Roast

Light, sweet and always delicious

Maple Roast

Sweet and syrupy

Custom Seasoning

Honey Cinnamon. Hot & Smokey.
You think it, we make it.


Honey Glaze
Custom Coatings

Custom Roasting & Seasoning Available

  • Flexibility to meet the needs of manufacturers
  • Quick turnaround time for sample production
  • In-house dicing, sizing, and sorting
  • Roasting on premises
  • Quality control review