Custom Processing for any Dried Fruit or Nut

Hudson Valley Farms is proud to offer standard and custom dicing for any dried fruits, vegetables and nuts. Big pieces, fine powders, all standard cuts, butters, blends, and custom mixes.

We only use the finest quality ingredients with the highest level of quality control for the ingredients you select. From selection of spices, roast level, dice/slice size to packaging and small batches to guarantee consistency, our final product is something you will be proud of.

Julienne Strip

(1/2” or 1/4” width)

Large Dice


Medium Dice


Small Dice



(Max 1/8″)

Powder or Meal

Paste or Butter


Custom Specifications & Blending Available

  • Flexibility to meet the needs of manufacturers
  • Quick turnaround time for sample production
  • In-house dicing, sizing, and sorting
  • Roasting on premises
  • Quality control review
  • Small batches for consistency