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“Globally Sourced, Locally Packed”

An exploding interest in dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and dried vegetable for inclusions in food products has made Hudson Valley Farms an exceptional resource for manufacturers and distributors. Our unique processing abilities cannot be found anywhere else in our industry. Hudson Valley Farms is fully owned and operated by Bedemco, Inc, an importer and trusted name in the industry, built on four generations of experience.

Hudson Valley Farms is nestled in the heart of the luscious agricultural region of upstate New York. The area, known for its heritage farms and exceptional heirloom produce, inspires our mission to provide innovative options and solutions to enable food manufacturers to meet the consumer demand for healthy and delicious eating.

Our custom manufacturing program offers advantages for product development. Value-added cuts, such as chopped bits and pieces or pastes can create;

  • Opportunities for product innovation.
  • Add delicious and popular flavors to your product and attract new customers.
  • Increase the dispersion of any inclusion over a greater surface area and reduce costs.
  • Achieve market differentiation for any food product by adding a unique visual and textural appeal.
  • Augment nutritional and functional properties of your food product.
  • Function as natural binding and thickening agents to reduce fat.
  • Meet required sizes for your production equipment

Our Passion is Infusing the Food Industry with New Options

Our Team Members

Eli Demeshulam

President, Owner, Bedemco, Inc.
Expert in the field of dried fruit and vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Roy Demeshulam

Vice President
4th generation importer and processor.

Natalie Levy

Quality Control Manager
Certified Culinary Scientist and Certified Chef.

Kaitlin Mackey

Quality Control Manager
3SQF Practioner.